Policy Trust in Unity

For a child in Ghana it isn’t comprehensible to follow education. The government of Ghana meanwhile made it possible for every child to have access to primary school. But it doesn’t mean every child will follow primary school. Certainly when the child has further wishes to develop, it’s often hard to flow into higher education or even university. Poverty is the biggest issue for that. Many parents don’t have the possibility to pay the education of their children. Trust in Unity recognizes that problem and offers financial support from primary school until and including university. Not only to make the qualities and talents of these children use full but also to let their dreams come true. When we help to develop the qualities and talents of these children, we gain progress, first of all for the child but also for the whole nation.

The foundation Trust in Unity is founded in January 2008. The foundation has as fundament to support the development of excellence and talent of children in the field of education. Trust in Unity is a co-operation between Ghana and the Netherlands operated by volunteers. We give students the possibility to participate education in Ghana. At this way Trust in Unity contributes both to personal development of the students and to development of the country. Trust in Unity is in particular focussed, with some exceptions, on the surrounding of the second biggest city of Ghana, Kumasi.

Trust in Unity supplies with support a contribution to achieve the Millennium goals. These goals are prepared in 2001. The purpose of the United Nations with these goals was to be achieved in 2015. Trust in Unity is focussing in particular on the second goal, the intention that all boys and girls on this World in 2015 have followed or finished the primary school. Trust in Unity performs this aim a step further by offering students the possibility to follow further education after primary school, so they learn to develop and apply their qualities and talents. The foundation chose to concentrate on children that are motivated to learn and work on their future. So we focus on children, which have the capability to accomplish their goals. Unfortunately these children are in a situation where the parents don’t have the financial possibilities to realize these.

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