Unity, Nkabom, Eenheid

Trust in Unity

The foundation ‘Trust in Unity’ is founded in January 2008. The foundation is a co-operation between Ghana and the Netherlands and accompanied students in the age of six till about 25 years, from primary school till university.  


To contribute to the economic and social development of Ghana by offering Ghanaian children and young adults a good education.


Following training supplies a fundamental contribution to the development of a child. With a proper education children and young adults learn to develop, recognize and apply their qualities and talents. Young people receive with an education valuable knowledge, which can later passed on to their own children. Thereby the investment of educating an individual contributes to the development of the entire society. 


Trust in Unity likes to offer young Ghanaian the possibility to build a stable future. To reach this goal Trust in Unity offers both, financial and personal support. The foundation is co-operating with a team of Ghanaian guardians to guarantee the personal support for her students. Every guardian has only a few students to take care of, to protect the constant quality of the support. 


In the year 2000 governmental leaders of 198 countries had made an appointment: before the year 2015 poverty, sickness and hunger must be far reduced. This appointment is translated to eigth concrete goals; the millennium goals. Trust in Unity is focussing in particular on the second goal, the intention that all boys and girls on this World in 2015 have followed or finished the primary school.