To support the students as good as possible Trust in Unity uses guardians. These guardians maintain the contact with the students, the parents or caretakers of the students, the school and the board of the foundation in Ghana. The guardians are under the responsibility of the head guardian, Kingsford A. Atawunde, which on his turn has to apply his responsibility to the board in Ghana. Bernard Sia is president of the Ghanaian board and gives the information on his turn through to the president of the Dutch board, Femke Joy Huibers-Saffrie. 

The guardian has to watch over the progress of the students and offers a helping hand by questions or problems. Bernard Sia and Kwabena Owusu Asante have founded Trust in Unity in Ghana and also taken the task of being a guardian. In total there are five guardians.

With much pride we introduce them to you!

Bernard Sia Rev.Emmanuel AppiahKingsford A. AtawundeKwabena Owusu Asante Kwarteng
Kwasi Boakye Frimpong