Adu Gyamfi, Emmanual - Student

Adu Gyamfi, Emmanual

My name is Adu Gyamfi, Emmanual. I live in Aburaso Nzema, Kumasi in Ghana. I am born on November 27th 1995. I’m in the First year of the Opoku Ware SHS and my favourite class is mathematics. I like this subject a lot because I think it is easy to learn. My hobby is listening to gospelmusic. My favourite gospel number is: My Redeemer Lives

My ideal World is one where everything is going well: there are no difficult challenges. The person who inspires my the most is my grandfather: Osei Kwarteng, Isaac. He does everything with a goal and knows what he wants. My dream for the future is to be a banker. I will be able to do different things, to divide my time wise and knowing the most useful way to spend my money.

Trust in Unity has changed my life by encouraging me in my studies. Trust in Unity will be the biggest non-profit organisation of Ghana!

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