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Alexandra Tenhagen

Located in the Netherlands.

I am very privileged that I realised my own dream in 2012 by starting a yoga school. This happened because so many people in my life believed in the talent i have. People who gave me trust and motivated me with advice but also with financial support.

Because I believe in passing on, I wanted to donated Yoga Nidra for a charity. That charity appeared on the wedding of Femke Joy and Vincent when they showed a video of the students of Trust in Unity. I think every time when I teach Yogi’s in exchange for a donation that its a real good give talented students the opportunity to follow an education. To give them trust, motivation and possibility by financial support.

So when a vacancy in the board opened up as a board member/secretary I offered my services. It’s very enriching to be a part of a positive and enthusiastic group of people which from different backgrounds all are committed for a better world and particular for students of Trust in Unity.
Pass it on..!!

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