Comfort Adu Darko - Student

Comfort Adu Darko

Comfort Adu-Darko is my name. I am born on March 5, 1990 in Mpasatia in the Ashanti region, Ghana. I am an Ashante and speaking Twi, English and a little bit of French. I live with my grandmother in Nsema, Kumasi, Ghana cause my mother died and my father lives in a village outside Kumasi.

I am on the Kumasi Technical High School (KSTS) and in the third year. My favourite subject is mathematics, because I would like to be a banker. I also like this subject cause I have a good teacher and he explains everything very well. My hobby’s are football and listening to Music. I like foreign gospels, especially Don Moen. I also like to read such as history books.

My vision on the ideal World is that poor people will be helped. It would help if they can help themselves; I would help their children by letting them learn. The person who inspires me the most is formal president John Aguekum Kufour. He is a good teacher and helps people in need. My dream is become a banker and if that failed I would like to be teacher, cause I like to help young students.

Trust in Unity is contributing to my ideal World and also changed my life on many ways; they made it possible to go to school. It also helps me to get in contact with others; I met many new and different people and make new friends. My dream for Trust in Unity is that I can help Trust in Unity to help others as they did for me. If they need me I will always be there.

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