Comfort Quaidoo - Student

Comfort Quaidoo

My name is Comfort Quaidoo. I am born on July 6, 1996 and live in Agric, Kumasi in Ghana. I am in the second class of P&G JHS and my favourite subjects are social class and economy. I understand social class very well because our teacher is explaining very well. Economy is a very practical lesson; we are singing and reading in this class. Reading helps me to understand more English words and that’s Handy for the future. My hobby is cooking; I like to cook rice and stew.

My ideal World would be a World full of luck, where my whole family is happy and I would not be worry about anything. The person who inspires me the most is Jackie Appiah. She is an actress and when she acts she is beautiful. I would like to look like her cause she is respectful and beautiful. My dream is to see my parents happy and have a rich family. The dream for my own future is to be a lawyer. I will be a good lawyer and urn lots of money. I will save money and give it to orphans.

Trust in Unity changed my life by sending me to school: this school is better and I get time to learn, hereby I learn more. My dream for Trust in Unity is that she me and my friends will help to finish our education.

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