Eric Asamoah - Student

Eric Asamoah

My name is Eric Asamoah. I am born on September 21, 1998. I live in Agric, Kumasi in Ghana. I go to P & G International School and I am in the fifth class of the primary. My favourite subject is English cause how often you speak it how more you can read. This is very hopeful for my future. My hobby’s are playing and reading cartoons and reading. I like to read books which help me to speak English very well.

The dream for my ideal World is to have a clean habitat. My hero is my grandfather because he let me go to school every day. The dream for my own future is to be a policeman and working at the traffic department. People are causing accidents when they drink and drive and I would like to stop them.

If Trust in Unity never would have existed I should have to stay home. My dream is that Trust in Unity becomes big in Ghana, very big!

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