Fatima Musah - Student

Fatima Musah

My name is Fatima Musah. I am born on May 3, 1998 en live in Agric, Kumasi in Ghana. I am in the sixth class of the primary at the Holy Cross Catholic International School. My favourite subject is science because I would like to be doctor. My hobby is reading books with stories like Lizzy and the Bird.

My ideal World would look like heaven; het would be a special place without pain and with love. I would like to share the love I feel for others. I am sharing this with my friend Ama already. The person who inspires my is my teacher mr. Frank Asante. He helps me to read well. I have special dreams for my future; I will heel people when I am a doctor and urn lots of money; I will help people like Trust in Unity is doing.

Trust in Unity changed my future; I was earlier on Agric Public School but Trust in Unity changed my school. My new school is much better cause now I can study to become a doctor. I am thankful for everything Trust in Unity is doing. 

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