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Frank van der Gaag

Located in the Netherlands

Since 1999 I work at several financial positions in businesses. Besides my work I am creative and follow art and paint lessons. I also am active in sports, city trips and spending time with family and friends.

Besides my work I would like to spend time in a social goal. In the end of 2016 I had contact for the first time with Trust in Unity, a foundation whereby the student and his or her development are central. Gunther approached me to ask if a board membership for a good foundation was something for me.

I had a good thought and my enthusiasm has only become more and more after a meeting. In the Netherlands every one is following school. In Ghana that’s not naturally. And it’s great that Trust in Unity is aming at students which are motivated and have good results but don’t have the (financial) opportunity to follow education. Because of Trust in Unity they can end their education and they get a good base for the future. It’s nice to be a part of this and to participate too.

It’s good to keep developing yourself. Therefore I like to put effort in Trust in Unity for the students in Ghana. What attracts me to Trust in Unity is that they are very well involved with the students and are supporting them also emotional besides financial. All the income we create are directly for the college fee of the students.

It’s nice to see we have students in all kind of ages, with different goals and educations. With a good cooperation between the Dutch and Ghanaian board we are working for them and we hope to support more students in the future!

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