Henrietta Manu - Student

Henrietta Manu

My name is Henrietta Manu and I am born on April 7, 1990. I live in Kumasi and am in the fourth class and also last year of Prince of Peace SHS. My favourite subject is typing because I think it is interesting to type, I love it! My hobby’s are watching movies and reading books with stories. I really love Nigerian movies.

My ideal World would be very great; everyone would be at ease. People would have freedom to do whatever they want and everyone is respectful to each other. The dream for my own future is to be a secretary or a news presenter for GTV or TV3; the two largest TV stations in Ghana!

Trust in Unity is my biggest hero because they always cheer me up. Trust in Unity changed my live; I could not effort to pay the fees for school so I wasn’t always in class. Now they pay my school fee and buys me books, so I always can go to class. Many thanks to Trust in Unity, I hope the organisation becomes so big so they always be there for poor children so they can achieve what they want to be; so they become just like me.

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