Jennifer Amoh Otoo - Student

Jennifer Amoh Otoo

My name is Jennifer Amoh Otoo. I am born on March 16, 1993 and live in Akyeremade, Kumasi in Ghana. I am in the second class of the Princ of Peace SHS and my favourite subject is literature because I think it is nice to learn and I am understand it well. My hobby is singing; I like to sing gospel numbers like my favourite: You are my all in all. I also like to play with my friends.

My ideal World would be comfortable and look like a paradise: everybody would be happy and have work. The people who inspiring me are the nurses of the hospital: when i see them I am inspired to do the same. Therefor my dream is to become a medical nurse because I have sympathy for the patients. When some doctors have less compassion I have the needs to give them the attention they need and deserve.

My dream for Trust in Unity is that they become a big organisation so they can help more people that are in need. Trust in Unity changed my life because I can follow education now. The hope on this was lost because of financial problems. Thank god I can go to school now because of Trust in Unity.

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