Phyllis Armah - Student

Phyllis Armah

My name is Phyllis Armah and I live in Atonsu, Kumasi in Ghana.
I am in the third class of the Prince of Peace SHS and my favourite class is social class because it is enlarging my perspective. With our teacher we discuss during a class many things and all kind of social aspects which rattle us and which we don’t understand. My hobby is reading romans and my favourite romans are Narrow escape and End of the Tunnel.

In my ideal World I would take away poverty if it were possible. The person who inspires me the most is Sister Veronica; she is assistant head of my school and finds always time to advice me. In the future I would like to be a lawyer because I would like to defend people who are abused in the World. I would be a big lawyer and then I will become head Justice of Ghana! With the money I earn I will help the poor.

Trust in Unity has changed my life a lot because it was Financial very difficult to follow any training. But now everything is going well in my life and they took the financial burden away from me. My dream for Trust in Unity is that they become as big as World Vision International, I will never leave this family. Wherever i will be I will always be a part of Trust in Unity.

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